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When people travel, they want to meet passionate locals, like yourself, who are open to sharing their skills and interests with them. Do you know a hidden gem near you that's detour-worthy?

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Once your listing is active, your experience will be featured on our travel platform designed for frequent travellers looking for unique experiences to make their next holiday extra special.

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You’re the boss! You choose the best time to meet your guests. Our booking platform gives you the freedom to manage bookings from anywhere, giving you more time to focus on the fun part.

How does it work?



Register with your email or social media, and you'll be prompted to verify your identity.


Design and Submit

Add a new experience, upload photos, videos and submit. Once approved, you'll receive new booking notifications by email or text.


Host at your leisure

You get to set your availability, so you can meet your guests and share your activity with them at times that work for you.


Get Paid

Well done! Host payments are processed weekly by bank transfer and our fee is taken out automatically

How do I get listed?

To add a Detour, click on 'Sign up' at the top of the page.

Once registered, you can create a new listing from the user dashboard.