Getting Started Series

What is Detour Guide?

Unique things to do off the beaten track

Detour Guide is an online travel community featuring unique and adventurous things to do off the beaten track. All activities can be booked instantly online, and are led by passionate locals who want to share their corner of the world with curious visitors and adventurers alike.

Meet the locals

Getting to know a place is more than visiting monuments, gardens and museums. To truly get a genuine feel for a place, meeting friendly, welcoming local people can transform a travel experience into something special. Detour Guide makes booking those personal experiences more accessible while you plan your next trip. All hosts and guests are vetted with government ID to ensure you know who you’ll be meeting with when you arrive.

Book Instantly Online

All tours and activities on Detour Guide are instantly bookable. This takes the hassle out of emailing back and forth with hosts. You know what you’ll be doing, who your host is, and where to meet them. And for all you last-minute bookers, we’ve all been there before, Detour Guide makes it easy to find things to do at the last-minute.

Become a Local Host

We are always looking for amazing things to do in overlooked places. When you have visitors, is there a place you always take friends and family? Do you wonder why more people don’t check out an area where you live? If you know of an activity or place worth a detour, why not make extra money taking guests there? It’s free to list a Detour! We take a 15% commission on the ticket price, so be sure to include this in your ticket options. Find out more about becoming a local host.

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Last updated 28 August 2018