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Set Availability

Design a schedule that works for you

As a host on Detour Guide, you have the flexibility to set a schedule that works around your lifestyle. Our availability calendar gives you full control over when guests can book your detour.

Getting to know the Availability Calendar

The availability calendar interface includes:

  1. Set as Available or Unavailable
  2. Date Range
  3. Time
  4. Ticket Options
  5. Calendar View

Setting your availability

When you select the calendar, you will be shown the Calendar View. Days which have been set as available will be highlighted in blue. To set a new date or date range as available for this activity, simply selected a From and To date, the time available, and click on the appropriate ticket options. The ticket options must be highlighted as blue before you can apply the new availability.

For each time available, you’ll need to submit the form separately. If you want to update one date, select the same date as From and To.

After applying the new availability, you should see the calendar highlight the dates in blue.

Availability Calendar

Clearing Availability

To set a range of dates as Unavailable for a specific detour, toggle the Set as Available/Unavailable switch, and select the date range you’d like to clear. The ‘Clear availability’ button will highlight, and will save changes on-click.

Availability Calendar

How it looks on your Detour Guide listing

After you have set the availability of your detour, the calendar on the listing details page will update automatically. The system calculates the cheapest price available to display in the ‘from’ price at the top of the panel.

Visitors will be able to see a calendar view of all days available. When they click on a specific date, the available times will be highlighted, and the associated ticket options will appear. Here you’ll see the ticket price and the total price to book instantly.

Availability Calendar
Last updated 27 August 2018