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The nuts and bolts of the booking process

Detour Guide bookings can only made by users registered on the website who have verified their email, telephone number and provided a government ID to verify their identity.

New Booking Notifications

When a new booking is confirmed with a valid form of payment, hosts will receive a notification email to the address saved in Settings. This email notification includes booking details of Detour Title, Date, Time, Guest name, Meeting location and Expected Payout amount.

Upon confirmation of a new booking, guests receive a booking confirmation email with booking details, meeting location and link for directions.

Meeting up with guests

When it comes to meeting up with your guest, make sure you give yourself ample time to arrive at the agreed meeting location or pickup location on time. It may help to mention a specific meeting point monument or describe your jacket colour in your Welcome Email Message to new bookings. You can edit this message in the Manage Listing wizard.

Guests are instructed to bring a print out of their confirmation email along with a valid ID. If a guest is not able to produce the valid confirmation email or identification, you are within your rights to not include them on the tour or experience.

Bookings Cancelled by Guests

Guests may cancel a secured booking for a full refund by contacting us within twenty-four hours of purchase. If an experience is scheduled to take place within this twenty-four hour period, guests will not be entitled to a refund. Hosts will be entitled to receive payment for Experiences after this twenty-four hour period, whether or not the Experience takes place. Guests are not entitled to a refund if it is canceled after this twenty-four hour period.

Bookings Cancelled by Hosts

If a host cancels a secured booking, Detour Guide will refund the total experience fees for such booking to the Guest. Additionally, Detour Guide may charge hosts an additional fee (up to the amount of the fees paid to you by Detour Guide) for such cancelled booking. In the event of a cancellation by a host, or in the even that the experience is not provided as described in the itinerary, Detour Guide reserves the right to remove you from our community of Hosts. Please see our full terms of service document for details.

Last updated 27 August 2018