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Pagan Burren

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Duration: 300 minutes

Explore the hidden Burren in Co. Clare. You will discover little known places that will take you off the beaten track and into a mystical world where time stands still. Your guide is Colleen, Irish explorer, history and nature lover. San Francisco born, Colleen describes herself as a blow-in who grasped the aspect of Irish pre-history which lay beneath the mist. "My interest was stirred when I visited Ireland with two others on foot, walking to the sacred sites many moons ago." Her expertise in journeying in the landscape and recognizing sacred space will help you feel safe and taken care of.

What we'll be doing

You'll discover sacred wells, neolithic dolmens, fairy rings, sous terrains, or a sheela na gig at the heart of the Burren. Let the limestone landscape stir your imagination. Immerse yourself in the symbols, myth and tradition of ancient ones. Highlights include a subterranean cave, an ancient water source long known to hold mystical healing properties, and a series of dolmens between 5-6,000 years old. We will begin from and return to the pier in Kinvarra. Meet me there with your vehicle at 10.00. "The best day I ever had in Ireland" Eva B.

About your host

Greetings. I am a jewellery designer and live in a stunning part of the West of Ireland. I've been swimming year round in the sea for eight years and visiting the sacred sites for nearly twenty years.


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