Cookie policy

Detour Guide, Ltd (“Detour Guide”, “we”, or “us”) uses cookies and similar tracking technologies on (and related sites). By using our websites, you consent to the placement and use of cookies and similar technologies on your device. This Cookie policy forms part of the Detour Guide Privacy Policy.

Our Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies, how third-parties we may partner with may use cookies on the Service, your choices regarding cookies and further information about cookies.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent by your web browser by a website you visit. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the Service or a third-party to recognise you and make your next visit easier and the Service more useful to you.

Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies in a range of ways to improve your experience on our site, including

  • Keeping you signed in
  • Understanding how you use our site
  • Remembering your activity search filters selected, so you don't have to fill out forms repeatedly
  • Showing you Detour Guide products and services that are relevant to you

When you visit a Detour Guide website, Detour Guide will set cookies in your browser. Detour Guide sets essential cookies to enable certain features and remember your preferences.

For example, cookies keep you logged in, allow you to book activities, and maintain your language and timezone settings. Third parties set cookies for both essential and non-essential purposes including analytics (e.g., Google Analytics).

What types of cookies do we use?

We use three types of cookies, which we describe in this section.


Cookies that are essential to provide you with services you have requested. For example, these include the cookies that make it possible fo you to stay logged into your Detour Guide account to update settings, create detours and manage bookings. If you set your browser to block these cookies, then these functions and services will not work for you. In particular, we won’t be able to save your preferences about cookies.


Cookies which measure how often you visit our sites and how you use them. We use this information to get a better sense of how our users engage with our travel community and to improve our sites and apps, so that users have a better experience. For example, we collect information about which of our pages are most frequently visited, ad by which types of users. We also use third-party cookies to help with performance. The Google Analytics cookie gives us information such as your journey between pages and whether you have booked an activity.


Cookies that are used to recognise you and remember your preferences or settings when you return to our site, so that we can provide you with a more personalised experience. For example, if you are based in Ireland, we will remember this and make sure that you receive the Irish homepage when you visit our site, rather than the US or UK homepage. A mix of first-party and third-party cookies are used.

Changing your cookie preferences

You may limit the cookies set in your browser by taking the steps described below. Note that declining cookies may impact your ability to use our services.

Browser settings: You may change your browser's settings to delete cookies that have already been set and to reject new cookies. To learn more, visit the help pages of your browser

You may also visit our sites in your browser’s "private" or "incognito" mode, in which case cookies will be set, but deleted when you close your browser.

If you would like to contact us about how we use cookies, please send us a message.

Last updated 3 July 2018.