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Find things to do based on your location and personal interests. We make it easy to book unique experiences wherever you find yourself. All tours and activities are created by local people themselves who want you to truly experience what makes their area unique.

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Got something you’ve been dying to try or learn more about? Meet up with a local person and learn something new or try your hand at a local craft. At Detour Guide, we want your next holiday to be fun, engaging, and something out of the ordinary. Your next adventure may be right around the corner.

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We get it! You’ve found something cool to do, and you just want to book it right now. We offer Instant Booking on all activities listed on the site, so you can search by availability. There’s no emailing back and forth with the host. Save that time for more time making cheese in Ireland, spinning up some pottery, or swimming with dolphins.

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Search for unique experiences by city, town, or country. Not bound by destination? You can also search by personal interest or by using your bucket list.


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Choose your activity or experience, select your travel dates, and book it! Our easy to use booking system makes it easy to book for single travellers, couples and groups.


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Pack your bags, because you’re all set! You will receive a introduction message from your host, so you know where to go, what to bring, and any additional details.

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